Our Services

Quick Touch Service from $45.00 Includes pick up and delivery (Taxes included)

Quick Touch Service from $45.00 (Full exterior Wash and express interior clean up) Includes Pick up and Delivery (Brantford and Area)

Complete Touch Service from $89.00 including tax

Complete Touch Service from $89.00. (Includes Quick Touch + dressings for interior) Includes pick up and delivery (Brantford and Area)

Thorough Touch Service $139.00 taxes included. Pick up and delivery included.

Thorough Touch Service from $139.00 (Includes all services above + interior shampoo and polishing of rims and carpet cleaning). Includes pick up and delivery (Brantford and Area)

Thorough Touch Plus Service $189.00 Includes pick up and delivery

Thorough Touch Plus Service from $189.00 (Includes all services above + hand wax and shine, leather cleaner and protector if applicable, dress tires and wheel wells). Includes Pick up and Delivery. (Brantford and Area)

Winter Interior Touch $99.00 Includes pick up and delivery

A full interior detail including carpet cleaning, interior plastics, windows, vents.

Summer Exterior Touch $99 includes pick up and delivery

Hand washed and dried. Commercial wax applied and hand buffed. Tires and rims cleaned and tire dressing applied.

(Thorough Touch & Plus Services include full upholstery and carpet cleaning)

Carpets, seats, carpets, everything is included

Customized Services

Selected individual services such as wax or shampoo only, available upon request.

Note: These prices reflect vehicles in moderate/ average condition. Factors such as excessive road tar, pet hair, grime, etc may have an effect on final price. All prices not final until vehicle inspection.

Mini Vans, Large Trucks

Note: These prices reflect average vehicles. Large mini vans include a great deal of extra work and we must charge a small additional fee to cover our extra time. Excessive pet hair is also an additional charge ($25.00) to compensate for the extra time we will spend making your vehicle new again.